Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not enough real estate experience?

Not enough sales experience?  What defines a good buyer's agent?  As someone who has trained for many years in the real estate field, I hear this asked by some of my friends and colleagues.

I've been in sales most of my life.  My very first real job that I did was in high school, when my aunt asked me to paint a billboard for her shop.  She knew my marketing and artistic skills and wanted me to develop them into a career.  Later I went on to take Commercial Graphic and Art classes but then ended up working as a police dispatcher for a couple of years. After moving to Wyoming I went around and put resumes at every business in town.  Finally got hired as a bank teller.  Eventually, progressed through the different positions in the bank until I was promoted to a loan officer.  That was 24 years ago.  Through the years I went on to work strictly in mortgage lending and even owned my mortgage company.

With all the changes happening in the mortgage arena, I finally decided to retire from the ever changing rules and regulations and pursue my real love. Selling and marketing.  Yes, I got my real estate license in February, 2010, but that doesn't mean I don't have the experience or expertise to find the right home for my clients.  In fact, if you ask my clients, they will tell you that they found their experience superior to other agents because of my knowledge of the system and how it works.  Fortunately for me, I've been on the other side and I know what my lenders are expecting and what they are doing during the process.  I can prepare my clients in advance before they meet with their lenders, for what their lender will ask and what documentation they will need and why.  I can even determine how much home they can qualify for based on today's programs.

How does this information help buyers?  Well wouldn't you like to know what options you had before you went in to your lender?  Knowing whether or not you have enough income or if your credit is worthy enough to buy a home is incredible information to have before going through the application process.  And no, I am not making a referral fee or an origination fee for this service.

So what defines a good buyer's agent?  How about someone that takes the time to go the extra mile and make sure that their clients never feel unsure, uncomfortable or confused while buying a new home.  Someone that always looks out for the buyer's best interests when negotiating their contracts and always follows up to make sure the transaction runs smoothly.  Continually assuring that each aspect of the process is thoroughly explained and understood.  One who understands all the costs, fees and programs associated with the buying process. Someone that will continue to shows them houses until they find the one they want without pressure on any of them.  Need more information on a property?  I always make sure that you get your questions answered.  These are just a few things that a good buyer's agent will do.

So why wouldn't you want your family, friends and co-workers to work with an "experienced" buyer's agent?

Tell me again what defines experience.

Oh almost is MLS Tour and there are 8 properties we get to review.  I'll report back on those later.  Also 9 new listings, 7 price changes and 8 sold in the last 24 hours.  Market looks really good right now.

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