Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-week Tidbits

Wow! It's the first day of Fall and we're not wearing a coat yet.

I opened up my email this morning and found my sound bites that I subscribed to from our fabulous speaker, Bernice Ross, PhD.  Can't wait to download them into my mp3 player (since I no longer have my iPod Shuffle).

Got my Google Chrome finally all updated and tweaked and helped Sheri set up a new ad for the Homes and Land magazine.  Also recorded the new extension for the ad.  Worked on the Buyer's Manual to send out to clients, loaded with tons of information regarding credit, financing and at least 10 things that a buyer's needs to know before they buy a home. Like how much home can you afford, what government programs can you qualify for, how can you get the seller to pay for your closing costs, can you qualify for an grant programs, how much will you need to put down, how much will your closing costs be, is your credit good enough to buy a home, do you need a Realtor, and how do you buy a HUD repossessed home.  As I said, lots of information to pass on.

Got word that one of my contracts will be closing next week - woooohooo!  The lender told me I needed to update my loan application software.  Another thing on my to-do list.

11 new listings today, 9 price changes and 5 sold in the last day.  Hope everyone has a terrific hump day.

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